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LOCATION: Lashes By Rana Studio, Chester Hill, NSW, 2162

REQUIREMENTS: No Experience Required



Enrol now by purchasing your preferred course date (Afterpay & ZIP Pay available) or contact us for custom training dates and further enquires. Once booked, one of our staff members will be in contact to provide further information on the course. We will also request some additional information to ensure you are certified correctly upon completion of the course.

ZIP Pay Customers - Please contact us prior to booking if course date is more than 2-weeks in advance.



  • Our LBR™ tailor-made 65+ page training manual to be able to refer back to at any time.
  • LBR Beauty Supplies Lash Kit (Valued at $500) containing all the essentials you will need to get started.
  • Lashes By Rana certificate of completion recognized by the business and posted on Lashes By Rana social media.
  • Ongoing business support provided by Rana.
  • A lifetime discount of 15% on all LBR Beauty Supplies products.

The certificate of completion will present that you have received training by Lashes By Rana and what you have covered in this course (Classic & Volume Training).



  • Classic Mixed Length Lash Trays x 2
  • LBR 3D Pre-Made Fan Trays – 8-15mm (one of each size) x 8
  • Practice Lash Strips (to practice on your dummy) x 10 Pairs
  • Practice Sponge (to help you get used to your placement) x 1
  • Isolation Tweezers x 1
  • Pickup Tweezers x 1
  • Straight Tweezers x 1
  • LBR Lash Primer x 1
  • Bondaholic™ Eyelash Extension Adhesive x 1
  • Ultra Bond™ Eyelash Extension Adhesive x 1
  • LBR Lash Extension Remover (removal cream) x 1
  • LBR Lash Tile x 1
  • Lash Glue Palettes x 10
  • Foam Lash Cleanser x 1
  • Practice Dummy Head x 1
  • Cleansing Eye Pads x 80
  • Disposable Facemasks x 10
  • Hydrogel Eye Pads x 50
  • Disposable Lash Brushes x 50
  • Disposable Micro Brushes x 100
  • Disposable Lip Wands x 50
  • Non-Woven Lash Tape x 3
  • Handheld Mini Fan x 1
  • Glue Wipes x 200
  • Eyelash Sleeping Mask x 1



  • What are Lash Extensions?
  • Eyelash Extension Types and Differences (Lengths, Diameters, Curls, Materials)
  • In-depth Classic and Volume Eyelash Application Process
  • Infills - Procedure and Pricing
  • Lash Extension Removal Procedure
  • Consultation and Layout of Your Salon
  • Anatomy and Conditions of Eyes and Eyelashes
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Eye Shapes and Lash Styles
  • Lash Mapping
  • How to Prep a Client’s Face
  • Priming
  • All Things Lash Extension Glue
  • Aftercare for Lash Extensions
  • Business Marketing (Branding, Business Name, Social Media)
  • Appointments
  • Pricing Scaling and Profits Per Client
  • Your Salon Re-Sellers (Profit Makers)
  • FAQ from clients
  • LBR™ Tips and Techniques



The LBR™ Lash Extension Training Course has been specifically designed to thoroughly cover every aspect of Lash Extension application to ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of all things lash extensions and the lash industry in general. You will also be provided with our LBR™ tailor-made 65+ page training manual to be able to refer to at any time as we want to ensure you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to go forth and conquer your personal lash journey!



This course has been designed to run over a span of 2-weeks with 2 Days of 1:1 in-house training with Rana. Day 1 of the 1:1 training will begin on the first day of your course while Day 2 will be scheduled on the final day of your course training. In between these dates you will be required to complete 8 classic full-sets on your training dummy from home. You will be taught how to perform this during Day 1 of your course. You will be in constant communication with Rana during this period and you will be required to send photos and videos after each set and Rana will assist and explain what you may need to improve on.


An example schedule of how your course will be run:

July 1: Day 1 of 1:1 In-House Training with Rana

July 2-14: At-Home training: Completing 8 Classic Full-Sets

July 15: Day 2 of 1:1 In-House Training with Rana and Course Completion


DAY 1: 10.00AM - 5.00PM (Lunch Provided)

Day 1 will be covering the majority of the theory involved in lash extension application. You will also begin applying classic lashes during the sponge training and dummy head training. By the end of Day 1 you will have completed 1 classic full-set on the training dummy and we will ensure you have a thorough understanding of how to do this before you begin your at-home training.

DAY 2: 10.00AM - 5.00PM 

Day 2 of your 1:1 training will be scheduled on your final day of the course. During this training session you will be working with premade lashes (volume). We will begin by covering the remainder of the theory relating to premade lashes and you will then be required to complete your first volume set on the training dummy under Rana’s supervision. After this, you will complete a volume set on your first human. You will be required to bring a model to perform your volume set on. We recommend the model you bring is someone you are comfortable with and is patient enough to stay laying down for 3-4 hours.


During your break between Day 1 and Day 2, you will need to complete 8 classic full-sets on your training dummy from home. You will need to send photos and videos to Rana after each set and will be in constant communication with Rana as touched on above.

(If you manage to complete your 8 sets at home earlier, we may be able to schedule your second day for an earlier date).



If you require specific training dates that are not listed above, please contact us at or alternatively call or message Rana on 0452 458 968 to discuss custom bookings and date availability. 

Custom training days are able to be booked on Monday – Saturday depending on date availability. Once a custom booking has been agreed upon, one of our staff will be able to create a customized order with your preferred dates for you to enrol. 

For any other course enquires, please contact us at or alternatively call or message Rana on 0452 458 968 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.



Once payment has been made and the course date has been booked in all sales are final. We may be able to re-schedule course dates in good-faith and under special circumstances. Customers must contact us at least 72 hours prior to their course date if they are unable to attend and need to re-schedule.

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